Nintex Workflow Cloud release notes


  • Engine v2 is now available to all North Europe and West US tenants. Workflows need to be upgraded to engine v2 before March 1, 2022. To learn more about upgrading workflows, see the Upgrade workflows to engine v2 help topic.

  • New actions, such as Loop N times and Modify string, are now available in new workflows and workflows that have been upgraded or published to engine v2.

Latest release: May 2022 - Release 2

New features

  • Nintex Gateway Management: You're now able to view and disconnect the Nintex Gateway servers connected to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. The status of the Nintex Gateway servers is also displayed for easier management. Access the Nintex Gateway Management page under Settings in your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. For more information, see the Nintex Gateway Management help topic. To aid this functionality, Nintex Gateway version 2.3.2 was released earlier this month.

  • Asana connector

Bug fixes

  • Fastly connector: Removed duplicate fields.

  • Kanbanize connector: Fixed an issue where object property values were not returning data.

  • Nintex AssureSign connector:

    • Due to incorrect data being returned, the Document name property was removed from the output object in the Get a signature action.
    • Custom e-mail notifications are now sent correctly.

    • There are no longer issues with document names containing escaped characters.

    • Improved error messages are now surfaced to aid in troubleshooting.

  • You are now able to scroll through a long list of categories or variables in the Variable panel.

Previous releases