Nintex Workflow Cloud release notes

Latest release: 127

Release date: May 27, 2021

New features

  • My Nintex

    We are excited to be welcoming everyone to the completely redesigned My Nintex portal where participants can submit, respond, view and monitor all of the workflows they participate in. The My Nintex updates will be rolling out between May 27th and June 3rd.

    The new features of My Nintex include:

    • A new dashboard design, which surfaces the most relevant items such as active tasks, latest form submissions, forms marked as favorite and draft forms.

    • The ability to open and view previously submitted forms.

    • An activity feed providing full insight and visibility for all participants of processes, including viewing all submitted start and task forms, a full task history, and outcomes for all task responses.

    • The ability to view files uploaded during both form and task submissions.

    • The ability to view both task and form submissions side-by-side to allow easy access data for task assignees to make more informed decisions.

    • New individual task and form submission pages, providing a full history of all completed and submitted items.

    • Additional settings to allow workflow designers to define who can see the items within the activity feed, from the original form submission, to the individual task form and associated outcomes.


    Note for Administrators: to allow participants to view upload files in My Nintex, enable storing of files indefinitely via the File uploads settings page.

  • We have released the following connectors:

    • Bitly


    • Eventbrite

    • GitLab

    • Jira

    • Basecamp

    • QR Code Generator

    • RSpace

    • Yammer

    • Api2Pdf

    • XE Currency

    • Vonage Communication

    • Xero

    • BaseCamp

Forms updates

  • The label control improved to have a Title property that can be shown on the form. When removing the title value from an input control, the input field will no longer shift upwards to replace the title, and instead will remain inline with other input controls in the same row.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Data Lookup on Android, where selected data lookup items became invisible if the user selects the item after searching.

Previous releases