Nintex Workflow Cloud release notes

Latest release: 135

Release date: September 20, 2021


  • Engine v2 is now available to all NEU and WUS tenants. Workflows need to be upgraded to engine v2 before December 1, 2021. To learn more about upgrading workflows, see the Upgrade workflows to engine v2 help topic.

  • For new workflows and workflows that have been upgraded or published to engine v2, new actions such as Loop N times and Modify string are now available.

New features

  • Query XML and Update XML: New actions that provide the ability to work with XML content are now available. For more information, see the Query XML and Update XML help topics.

  • Merge collections: A new action that allows the merging of multiple collections and creation of a new object is now available. For more information, see the Merge collections help topic.

  • Branch by value: This action now supports Boolean type variables. For more information, see the Branch by value help topic.

  • Communication actions - Rich Text Editor update: The communication actions, Send an emailAssign a task, and Assign a task to multiple users now support the following additional Rich Text Editor functionality:

    • Background color

    • Fonts (Arial, Courier New, Lato, Open Sans, Times New Roman, Trebuchet)

    • Formatting styles

    • Inserting an image from a URL

    • Inserting a table

    • Text alignment

    • Text color

    • Subscript/Superscript

    • Strike through

  • Generate document: Date variables in the Document tagger now offer tags with various date formats. For more information, see the Generate document help topic.

  • Workflow objects in the Form Designer - Object data passed to the Form Designer from a workflow will now be displayed as nested objects in the toolbox.

  • Task lists - Tasks can now be filtered based on the task name. For more information, see the Tasks help topic.

Previous releases