In the Variables tab, you can:

  • Create variables with applied formulas to use throughout your form and workflow.
  • View, edit, and delete variables with applied formulas.

Note: All variables that you create in Start event forms are available as an object under start event variables in the workflow; while variables created in Form based tasks are available as task variables. See Manage variables in a workflow.

Create variables using formulas

Use the Formula builder to create variables with applied formulas in the Variables tab.

  1. In the form designer, click the Variables tab.
  2. Click Create variable. The Formula builder appears.
  3. Type a Name for your variable.
  4. Select a Type for your variable.
  5. In the Value field, type your formulas.
  6. Note: 
    • As you type the formula, suggestions of possible functions and variables appear on screen that you can select.
    • From the Lookup pane, search for functions and variables to insert in your formula.
    • You can use logical operators such as && (And), || (Or), == (Equal), and != (Not Equal).

    Tip: From the Functions tab, you can click the name of a function to display its description, format, and an example on how to use it.

  7. To save your changes, click Create.

For more information on the fields and options in the Variables page, see Variable page fields, buttons and settings.