Formula builder

Use the Formula builder to create formulas with calculated and connected values for variables A placeholder that stores changes each time the workflow runs, such as the information entered in a form, or the name of a file. You can also create variables to store information you use in the workflow, such as an email address.. You can insert variables with applied formulas in forms and rules throughout your workflow.

Note: All variables that you create in Start event forms are available as an object under start event variables in the workflow; while variables created in Form based tasks are available as task variables. See Manage variables in a workflow.

In this topic, the functions, inline formulas, and variables are distinguished in the following formats:

  • function
  • inline formula
  • variable

Let's look at an example on how to create a formula for a variable value. Say you want to create a leave request form, which has three fields: Name, Start date, and End date.

To calculate the difference of number in days between the start date and end date entered in the form, you would create a variable named, for example, LengthofLeave and apply the following formula:

  • dateDiff(Datetime.TotalDays,Form.Start date,Form.End date)

On your form, you insert your LengthofLeave variable in a Label control so that the following message displays:

  • You are applying for 10 days of leave.

See the Step-by-step example: Create variables using formulas via Designer tab

Access the Formula builder

You can access the Formula builder from the Designer, Rules, and Variables tabs.


The following functions are available to use in the Formula builder: