Tenant and user details

  An administrator role or designer role is required. For information, see User roles.

In the Tenant and user details page, you can do the following tasks:

  • View the information about your Nintex Automation Cloud user account, the tenant, and the license in use.

  • Access the tenancy usage in Nintex Customer Central.

License types

Your license can be a trial, subscription, enterprise, or enterprise execution license.

  • Trial licenses are time-based. On expiration (Expiry field on this page), you can no longer access the Nintex Automation Cloud tenant. Emails from tenants with a trial license can be sent only to email addresses of domains registered in the tenant. To see the list of registered domains in the tenant, in your Nintex Automation Cloud tenant, open Settings and then select Domain management. For more information about domain management, see Domain management.

    Note: Counts of workflows for subscription and enterprise licenses do not apply to trial licenses.

  • Standard and enterprise licenses for Nintex Automation Cloud counts the number of published workflows as the license‚Äôs usage. Published workflows are counted against your license by type: either production or development. Development workflows are indicated in sent email messages by the phrase "***For development use only***" appended to the email subject line.

  • Enterprise execution licenses for Nintex Automation Cloud do not count published workflows in your tenancy against your license; however, workflow executions are counted.

Access the Tenant and user details page

  • On the top navigation bar, click Settings.

    The Tenant and user details page appears, listing details of your tenancy.

Usage details

Click Customer Central to access your license entitlement and usage information in Nintex Customer Central. Customer Central is a self-service portal that you can use to request license keys and see contracts and entitlements, product usage, and more.

Published workflows that are not limited action workflows are counted towards your workflow usage. Each tenant has a subscription entitlement to determine how many production and development workflows can be published. The type of the workflow or the assigned use is selected when publishing the workflow.

Some actions are considered as non-billable actions and are not counted towards the action count in a workflow.

Custom tenant branding

  A global administrator role is required. For information, see User roles.

Customize your tenant by replacing the Nintex logo with your company logo in the top navigation bar on all pages. Adding a logo can increase brand familiarity for your participant users. The logo will be displayed at a maximum height of 34 pixels and a maximum width of 280 pixels in the header. If the image that you upload is larger than this, it will be scaled to fit the space.

  1. Click Browse and select a logo image that meets these guidelines:

    • Must be .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .webp image format.

    • Must not be larger than 100 KB.

    • Use a landscape-oriented logo for optimal display.

    • Use a white logo with a transparent background, or an opaque background if the colors do not contrast.

  2. Click Save.

    The logo is displayed in the top navigation bar on all My Nintex, Automate, Designer, and Settings pages. "Powered by Nintex" is displayed in the bottom left corner on all pages.