Nintex Gateway release notes

Note: Due to an update in the authentication used in Nintex Workflow Cloud, you must install Nintex Gateway 2.2.85 or higher to perform the registration process against your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant.

Nintex Gateway 3.0.2: October 7, 2022

Nintex Gateway 3.0.2 improvements and resolved issues


This release of Nintex Gateway introduces new functionality that was not available in previous releases. Nintex will monitor the use of the new functionality within Nintex Workflow Cloud tenants, and reserves the right to place this and other new functionality under a new licensing/SKU at a later time.

New features

The following changes have been made since version 2.3.2 of Nintex Gateway:

  • Support for Nintex Workflow Cloud Xtension Custom Connectors using Nintex Gateway / SAP via Theobald.
    • The on-premises windows service has been updated to allow custom connectors/Xtensions to be routed using Nintex Gateway. This allows customers to build custom connectors that can connect securely to on-premises systems. Documentation on how to configure your OpenAPI file is being prepared and will be published soon.

    • This functionality was primarily added to facilitate the integration with Theobald yunIO product which allows Nintex Workflow Cloud to integrate with SAP (on premises)

  • API Key Management

    • Added APIKey authentication for Nintex Gateway in preparation for the Nintex Kryon RPA connector. This allows connectors to use an API key to authenticate the connection to Nintex Gateway, instead of the Active Directory domain username/password.

    • The ability to manage API keys in the configuration application has been added. Keys are stored security on disk (please consider this for your restore scenario).

  • Move to .NET core 6

    • .NET core 3.1 support ends in December 2022

    • The windows service has been upgraded from .NET core 3.1 to .NET core 6.

    • The configuration application has been moved from .NET framework 4.8 to .NET core 6.

    • The tray-icon functionality has been removed due to this change.

Resolved issues

  • Logging:
    • The configuration application and windows service now use the same logging framework.

    • The windows service provides a correlation ID in its logfiles, making it easier to track individual requests within the log itself.

  • Improved startup stability: Nintex Gateway was not able to handle a situation where there was no internet connection during startup. Nintex Gateway now retries over the course of one minute before shutting down because of no internet connection.

  • Improved error handling that caused the Nintex Gateway (windows service) to crash.

  • Improvement to the UI of the configuration application with the introduction of a generic error handling screen for unexpected errors.

Download files

Nintex Gateway consists of an MSI installer that must be installed on a machine that is joined to an Active Directory domain. Please download the MSI file from:

System requirements

There are no changes to the system requirements.

For the list of server specifications, software, and supported versions see Nintex Gateway Prerequisites.

Required upgrade configuration

The upgrade process to Nintex Gateway v3.0.2 may uninstall and re-install Nintex Gateway on the machine you upgrade. This means the connection to Nintex Workflow Cloud will be lost. Once the upgrade is completed and the new version is started, you may be prompted to register against Nintex Workflow Cloud again.

Known issues

No known issue at this time.

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