Nintex Gateway

Nintex Gateway is an on-premises application that enables Nintex Automation Cloud to access on-premises resources, such as:

Note: You can use the same Nintex Gateway to connect to Nintex RPA Central, Microsoft SQL Server, and SharePoint on-premises servers, if they are installed within the same Active Directory domain. You can also create multiple different connectors in a Nintex Automation Cloud workflow that use the same Nintex Gateway. You cannot, however, use the same Nintex Gateway for multiple environments/boxes. If you have a test environment, you must use a different Nintex Gateway instance.

For upgrade information and the latest version, see the Nintex Gateway release notes.

Download and Install


Create an API key if the Nintex Automation Cloud connector you're connecting to uses Managed Authentication.

Next, create a Nintex RPA LE, Nintex RPA, Microsoft SQL Server on-premises, a SharePoint on-premises , or a Web Services on-premises connection.

You can manage the connection to your Nintex Gateway servers in the Settings > Nintex Gateway management page.

Nintex Gateway fields and buttons

Field/button Description
Nintex Gateway hostname The Gateway hostname that will be used and shown under connections. Use this to provide a friendly name for the Gateway.
Nintex Automation Cloud tenant name

The name of the Nintex Automation Cloud tenant Nintex Gateway will connect to.

Authenticate Nintex Gateway

Starts the authentication process with Nintex Automation Cloud and upon successful sign in as a user with an administrator role.

See Nintex Gateway Troubleshooting if you have issues authenticating.

Options ()

Displays when the Nintex Gateway is connected to a Nintex Automation Cloud tenant.

Click to view menu options.


Displays when you click the options button.

Allows you to edit the Nintex Automation Cloud configuration if you want to connect to a different Nintex Automation Cloud tenant. Does not stop the Nintex Gateway service or disconnect your current Nintex Automation Cloud connection.

View logs

Displays when you click the options button.

Opens the Nintex Gateway applications and services event viewer logs.

Resume Gateway

Displays when you have paused the Nintex Gateway and click the options button.

Restarts the Nintex Gateway service with your current Nintex Automation Cloud configuration.


Displays when you click the options button.

Stops the Nintex Gateway service and removes the Nintex Automation Cloud connection.