Designer canvas

Use the designer canvas on the Designer page to view and configure your workflow start eventThe connector and event for triggering the workflow to run, including required configuration. An example is Box - New file, which triggers the workflow to run when a new file is uploaded to the specified folder. and actionsA tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. as well as navigating large workflows.

View the start event

The start event determines when the workflow starts and what information is gathered at that point.

  • At the top of the designer canvas on the Designer page, click Start event.

    For details on start event configuration, see Start event configuration panel.

Add, rename, and copy actions

Actions define the subprocesses that occur when your workflow runs.

Disable and delete actions

Disabled actions (including any child actions) appear greyed out on the designer canvas and are omitted when the workflow runs.

Navigate large workflows

Compress workflow design by collapsing container actionsA Nintex Workflow Cloud user with permissions to create and manage custom connectors plus permissions of the Designer role.. Zoom in or out on your workflow design using the zoom selector.