Action configuration panel

Use the action configuration panel to configure the selected action in your workflow. Depending on the field, you may want to type a value, insert a variable, or select a connection or a path to a folder or file. Some fields accept a combination of user-entered text and variables.

For field descriptions, see the action in Workflow actions.

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Open the action configuration panel

  • On the designer canvas of the Designer page, click the action you want to configure.

    You can also click to the right of the action and then select Configure.

    Configuration updates are immediately applied. As with any changes made in the workflow designer, configuration updates are retained for the duration of the browser session.

Select a connection

In the action configuration panel:

  1. If required, select a connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores. first.

  2. To select an existing connection, select the one you want from the drop-down list for Connection. If you do not have a connection, see Add a connection.

    Note: When a connection is selected for a connector action in a workflow, the same connection will be automatically selected in subsequent actions of the same connector.

Insert a variable

See Use variables in your workflow.

Select a path to a folder or file

Some path fields accept a combination of user-entered text and variables.

  • If the folder browse icon () is shown on the right of the field, then click it to navigate to the folder that you want.
  • If no folder browse icon is shown for the selected connector, then type the path, beginning with the root folder.