Assign a task action FAQ

What is the Assign a task action?

The Assign a task action creates and assigns a task. The workflow pauses until the assignee responds to or completes the task, which can then direct the subsequent workflow logic based on the response. Learn about the Assign a task action and how to configure it here.

What's new about the Assign a task action?

The functionality of the old Express approval and Assign a task actions have been consolidated into one action, with additional enhancements.

What enhancements does the Assign a task action now have?

  • The previous functionality of two actions (Express approval and Assign a task) merged into one action.
  • Support for Express approval or form-based task types.
  • Support for Single or multiple task outcomes.

Why were these changes made?

In response to customer feedback and in an effort to make task-based workflows easier to manage and design, we’ve consolidated the two separate task actions into one unified action, and at the same time, made improvements to support Form based tasks.

How will this change affect my workflows?

It won't. All published and in-flight workflows will continue to work as designed.

What do I need to do with existing Express approval actions in my workflows?

You don't need to do anything. Your old Express approval actions will work as they did before.

However, if you want to update any Express approval actions to the new Assign a task actions with an Express approval task type, simply open the workflows they exist in and republish the workflow.

What do I need to do with existing Assign a task actions in my workflows?

You don't need to do anything. Your Assign a task actions will work as they did before.

How do I include a form as part of my existing assign a task action?

Simply do the following:

  1. Open the workflow the Assign a task actions is in.
  2. Click the Assign a task action (which will have been updated to an Express approval task type at this point).
  3. Click Change task type.
  4. When you change from the Express approval task type to the Form based task type, you will not lose the configuration of the action. Currently configured fields are retained when you change to a Form based task, apart from fields that are unavailable in the Form based task type.

  5. Click Form based.
  6. The Form field and Design form button becomes available in the configuration panel.

  7. Design the form as required and click Apply changes.
  8. Publish the workflow.

Can I add task form variables inline using the keyboard shortcut?

Yes you can. Type [[ in a field as normal to display the list of available variables. If task form variables for multiple Assign a task actions share the same name, use the Insert variable dialog box to identify the source of the task form variables.

Can I access task forms from anywhere else?

You can also respond to task forms using Nintex Mobile.

You cannot access a task form URL form the Tasks page in the Automate. Form submissions are anonymous, and only task assignees will receive and have access to the task form URL via email.

What do I do if I have further questions or need assistance with this change?

Email our support team at with any questions you have or to schedule a call.