A designer role is required. For more information, see User roles.

A task is a job assigned to a person. The workflow pauses until the assignee responds to the task. In Nintex Automation Cloud, the types of tasks are Express approval and Form-based. See Assign a task to multiple users for more information on task types.

Use the Tasks page to:

  • View active and completed tasks for which you have permission.
  • Search for tasks using custom filters.
  • Test or modify your workflow design.
  • Override tasks in tenants (Administrator role required).

Note: In the Tasks page, you can view tasks that are either assigned to you or created in workflows shared with you. Only users with the Administrator role can see all tasks across the tenancy.

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Access the Tasks page

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Automate.

  2. From the menu on the left, click Tasks.
  3. The Tasks page appears and, by default, displays a list of tasks for which you have permission in the All active tasks tab. You can also find all completed tasks in the All completed tasks tab and search for tasks in the Custom filters tab.

Search for tasks using custom filters

  1. In the Filters section, click Custom filters.
  2. Depending on your search criteria, enter parameters in any of the following fields:
    • Task name
    • Workflow name
    • Assignee email
    • Status
    • Date range
    • Date
  3. For more information, see Custom filters fields and selections.

  4. Click Apply filter to start running the search.
  5. Search results appears below the Filters section.

Override tasks

  An administrator role is required. For information, see User roles.

If a task assignee cannot complete a task, an administrator can override it and complete it instead of the original assignee.

  • If you are a participant who needs to view, manually delegate, or respond to a task, go to My Nintex. For more information, see Tasks.

  • If you are a business owner who needs to override a task, go to My Nintex. For more information, see Workflow tracking.

  1. In the Filters section:
    • If you want to view and override any active tasks, click All active tasks.
    • If you want to create a customized filter to view and override tasks, click Custom filter. For more information, see Search for tasks using custom filters.
  2. For more information, see All active tasks and All completed tasks columns and selections.

  3. Find the task that you want to override, and under the Response column:
    • If the task is an Express approval type, click Complete task. A drop-down list appears, where you can select the desired outcome of the task.
    • If the task is Form-based, click Complete form. The form appears where you can submit information.
  4. After setting the outcome, the task is completed and appears in the All completed tasks section.