Create forms

Nintex Forms are quick and easy to create. You simply have to drag controls on to the form designer, configure the controls, define rules if required, and apply changes to the form. The published forms are accessed by form users via a web browser or Nintex Mobile.

You can create a Nintex Forms as a start form that starts a workflow or as a task form to be sent to someone as a task.

Access the form designer to create a start form

A start form starts a workflow when it's submitted.

  1. Open the Workflow designer and click Start event.

    The Start event configuration panel is displayed.

  2. Select Nintex Form from the Start from drop-down list.

  3. Click Design form.

    The Form designer is displayed.

For information about configuring a start form, see Nintex - Form.

Access the form designer to create a task form

A task form is designed when configuring a task workflow action. The form is displayed to users interacting with tasks that are assigned to them. The task action available in Nintex Automation Cloud is Assign a task to multiple users.

  1. Open the workflow with the task action for which you want to create a task form.

  2. In the Task type section, enable the Task form toggle.

    Note: The Task form toggle is enabled by default.

  1. Click Design form.

    The Form designer is displayed.

Create and save a form

After you open the form designer you can add controls and create the form.

  1. Find the controls you want to add to the form in the control toolbox on the left and drag and drop controls to the Form designer canvas.

  2. Click a control to open the action configuration panel and configure the control.

  3. (Optional) Configure Rules as required.

  4. Click Apply changes to save the form.

    The workflow designer is displayed.