Nintex Gateway

  An administrator role is required. For information, see User roles.

In the Nintex Gateway page you can:

  • View which Nintex Gateway servers are connected to your Nintex Automation Cloud tenant.

  • Disconnect a Nintex Gateway server from your tenant.

  • Download the latest version of Nintex Gateway.

Download Nintex Gateway

Click the Download Nintex Gateway button to download the latest Nintex Gateway installer. For more information on installing Nintex Gateway, see Nintex Gateway.

Nintex Gateway servers

The Nintex Gateway management page presents a list of the Nintex Gateway servers connected to your tenant. The following information is available for each server:



Nintex Gateway server The name of the Nintex Gateway server connected to this tenant.
Status Whether the Nintex Gateway server is online or offline
Note: You must have Nintex Gateway version 2.2.85 or higher for the status to display.

The Nintex Gateway version number of this Nintex Gateway server.

Note: You must have Nintex Gateway version 2.2.85 or higher for the version number to display.
Created by The name of the person who created the connection with this Nintex Gateway server.
Created date The date that the connection to this Nintex Gateway server was created.
Actions ...

Click the ... button to show the list of actions.

Disconnect: Remove the connection to this Nintex Gateway server.


This only disconnects the Nintex Gateway server connection from the tenant side. You must also stop the Nintex Gateway server on the server side.

The following error messages display in the Nintex Gateway server logs if you have only disconnected that server from a tenant:

  • Error 1:

    • Error occurred during the execution of method SetTokenStatusAsync

    • Exception: System.Exception: Failed to set token status - Unauthorized: Unauthorized

  • Error 2:

    • Error occurred during execution of method OnGetTokenAsync

    • Exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'sharedAccessSignature')