Azure SQL

Azure SQL is a cloud-computing database service (Database as a Service) offered by Microsoft Azure Platform that helps to host and use a relational SQL database in the cloud without requiring any hardware or software installation. For more information on Azure SQL, see the company website.

Use the Azure SQL connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores. to create connections for Azure SQL actions A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows..

Use the Azure SQL actions to create, delete, and update SQL records. You can also execute a stored procedure and query an SQL table or view.

Create an Azure SQL connection

Use SQL authentication to connect to Azure SQL. The password and username are transported with an encrypted connection to Azure SQL, ensuring a secure connection.

See Allowlist IP addresses for references to the IP addresses that you may need to allowlist in your firewalls and networking devices to enable communications with Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Create a connection from the connections page or from the action configuration panel when configuring the action. For information about creating connections and assigning permissions, see Manage connections.


  • 'EXECUTE' cannot be used within a stored procedure as this is not supported by the Azure SQL connector. See EXECUTE (Transact-SQL) for additional information.
  • See the following topic on how to add Null values : Variables with null value.