Salesforce - Get a file

The Salesforce - Get a file action A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. gets a specified file from Salesforce.

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Configure the Salesforce - Get a file action

  1. Add the action to the workflow and open the action configuration panel. For more information, see Add, rename, and copy actions.

  1. Select a Connection. If you do not have a connection, see Add a connection.
  2. In Content document ID, specify the ID of the content document to retrieve.
  3. In Output, select a variable to store the ID of the retrieved file.

Salesforce- Get a file action fields, buttons, and settings




Variable types


Connection Credentials and other settings required to pass data between the workflow and the indicated service, which could be a cloud service, business application, or content store.

The Salesforce connection to use for retrieving files.



Content document ID

The ID of the content document you want to be retrieved. Accepts an inserted variable.




Object variable that includes the following variable to store the retrieved file:

  • Attachment: File variable to store the retrieved file.