External data

In the External data tab, you can manage and view the data source variables for your forms. You can add, edit, or delete data source variables without needing to add the data source variables to a Label control or rule.

If you click an object or collection variable from the list in the External data section, you can view all variables it contains. A path is also displayed on top of the list to help you track the variable you selected.

For more information on accessing data source variables from a Label control or rule, see Data source variables.

Add data source variables from External data tab

  1. Open a form and click the External data tab.

  2. Click Create data source variable.

  3. Specify a Name.

  4. Specify a data source.

    Fields are displayed depending on the specified data source and the Connector linked to the data source. For information on the supported Connectors, see Supported data sources.

  5. Specify the required details related to the data source.  

    Note: When configuring a condition for the data source variable, you can currently use only form variables or form controls.

    For more information on data sources and Connector fields, see Data sources and Connectors.

  6. Click Create variable.

    The data source variable is added to the list of variables. You can click an object variable from the list to view the variables it contains.

    • To use data source variables, insert the data source variables from a Label control or a form rule. For more information, see Data source variables.

    • If you want to deny form submissions when data source variables have errors, do not resolve, or time out, go to the General settings page to enable or disable the toggle for form submissions. For more information, see Forms settings.