Forms settings

In the Forms Settings tab, you can configure the form settings by clicking one of the following on the left navigation:

  • General settings: Define the title and description of your form, configure Location services for the Geolocation and Address control in web-based forms, and allow or deny form submissions for forms with data source variables.

  • Regional settings: Set the time zone, region, and time format.

Access the Forms Settings tab

The Forms settings tab is available in forms designer.

  1. Click the Automate tab in Nintex Automation Cloud.

  2. Click Create a workflow.

  3. Go to Start event.

  4. In the Start from drop-down, select Nintex Form.

  5. Click Design form. The Forms designer displays.

  6. Click the Settings tab at the top of the designer.

  7. Select General settings or Regional settings from the left navigation.