Configure pages

You can create forms with one page or multiple pages. Forms with multiple pages make it easier to navigate through a large form. Large forms can be created with multiple pages and form users can navigate between pages by using the Next and Previous buttons or by clicking the Page numbers or titles. The Submit button is placed on the last page.

You can configure the form to display pages vertically or horizontally, and control whether users must step through multiple pages in sequence.

To add pages to your form:

  1. Open the forms designer.
  2. Click Configure pages.
  3. The Pages configuration panel is displayed.

  1. Click Add new page to add a new page to the form.

  2. Add a title to the new page and configure it as required. For configuration field descriptions, see Pages configuration fields and buttons.

Pages configuration fields and buttons

Field/ button


Add new page

Adds a new page to the form.

When you add a new page to create a form with multiple pages, the Next and Previous buttons are added to the form automatically. You can change the Next button text and Previous button text in the Action panel configuration.

<Page titles>

Type the title of your pages.

When you add new add pages, the Page titles default to Page 1, Page 2, and so on.

Form pages display in the listed order. You can rearrange and delete pages using the options button beside each title.

Title size

Select the font size of the form page titles:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Navigation flow

Select how users can navigate through the form:

  • Step sequentially: Users must progress through the form in the order the pages are listed.
  • Step non-sequentially: Users can navigate between form pages in any order.

Navigation layout

Select whether the page layout is:

  • Vertical: Form pages display from top to bottom.
  • Horizontal: Form pages display from left to right.

Note: Horizontal navigation layout is unavailable on Nintex Mobile.

Show header


Toggle this option to display a header.

Header text

Text to display at the top of every page in the form.

Show footer


Toggle this option to display a footer.

Footer text

Text to display at the bottom of every page in the form.