Action panel

Use the Action panel form control to configure the text of the form submit button, the protection of form submissions with Google reCAPTCHA, and the web page that appears after users submit the form. If you need additional flexibility, such as the ability to trigger a button using rules, use the Button control.

Important:  The Action panel is mandatory for forms and cannot be removed.

Configure the Action panel control

  1. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the designer canvas.

    The form configuration panel is displayed.

  2. Complete the following configuration fields.

Setting Description
Show submit button

Toggle to hide or show the Submit button on form. The toggle is turned On by default.

  • On: Shows the submit button on the form.

  • Off: Hides the Submit button.

When the toggle is turned Off, the forms designer canvas displays a row named Action panel at the bottom.

Submit button text

Available only when Show submit button toggle is turned On.

Text label of the Submit button displayed on the published form.

Protect submission with Google reCAPTCHA

Reduces the potential for spam and abuse by validating the computer user’s humanness with the Google reCAPTCHA service. Forms with this configuration display Google recaptcha (Google reCAPTCHA icon) on the lower right of the page.

  • If the service detects suspicious activity, then challenges are displayed when form submission is attempted. The form cannot be submitted until the challenges are accurately completed.
  • If the service already validated the user, then no challenges are displayed.
On form submission

Determines the behavior on successful submission of the form. Choose one of the following options:

  • Default success page - Displays a confirmation page that the form was submitted successfully when a user submits a form.

  • Redirect to URL - Displays a particular web page when a user submits a form. If selected, a Redirect URL field appears, where you can specify the URL of the web page that you want the form to redirect to.

Note: Users will only be redirected to the redirect URL when the form is accessed using the URL and not from My Nintex.

Show print button

Displayed only when Default success page is is selected in the On form submission field.

Use the Show print button option to enable or disable the ability for participants to print a form. When this toggle is set to Yes, a print option is displayed in the completed form after form submission and on submitted forms in My Nintex. This applies to start event and task forms and let's the form user print the form or save it as a PDF. You can specify the text to display on the print button in the Button label field.

The Show print toggle is set to No by default.

Button label

Displayed only when the Show print button toggle is set to Yes.

The label of the print button to display on the completed form after it's submitted.

Redirect URL

(Displayed only when Redirect to URL is selected.) Address of the web page to display on successful submission of the form. You can enter the URL of the web page or insert a variable.


Turn on to add the Save button to the form. The Save button lets participants save their changes to a form, and continue to edit the form or submit it later. By default, the Save toggle is disabled.

  • The Save button is available only for authenticated forms.

  • If a participant chooses to save a form without submitting, any changes made to the workflow are still applied to the form.

  • If a workflow is paused or removed, the draft form becomes inaccessible.

  • A participant can save a maximum of 100 draft forms per Start form A form that starts a workflow.. Each time a participant opens and saves a new Start form, a new draft form is saved in My Nintex.

Save button text

Text label of the Save button displayed on the published form. This option is displayed if the Save toggle is enabled. By default, the text label is set to Save but you can also change the text label to fit your form requirements.

Next button text

The text for the button which navigates users to the following page in the form.

Previous button text

The text for the button which navigates users to the previous page in the form.