Send an email

The Send an email action A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. sends a customizable email to recipients that you specify. The email originates from the workflow action, and you can customize:

  • Who receives the email.
  • What the email subject/message body is.
  • What attachments the email includes.

The Send an email action may execute on servers running outside your data center Centralized locations used to house servers used by Nintex for remote storage, processing, or distribution of data. Nintex has a number of regional data centers available for Nintex Workflow Cloud. For information about where your data center is located, contact you Nintex account manager. region. Before implementing, consider performance and regional concerns where digital boundaries are an issue. The IP addresses used by SendGrid for Nintex Workflow Cloud are:




To view video tutorials on how to use this Nintex capability, take the SELF: Introduction to Nintex Workflow Cloud course in Nintex University.

Before you start 

Configure the send an email action