Join items in collection

Use the Join items in collection action A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. to join the values of items in a collection A variable containing multiple items, such as email addresses. Collection variables are useful for storing and operating on query results. For example, you can set up collection variables for names, email addresses, and index values to store results from querying a list. You can then loop through items in a particular collection variable (names, emails, or index values). into one string. You can specify a delimiter such as comma to separate the values.

For example, you can join all names in a target collection as shown below:

Collection: ["Andy", "John", "Sally"]

Delimiter: ,

Join items in collection action result: Andy,John,Sally

Before you begin: 

  • Understand Variables

  • Understand container actions: Actions that can be added to create branches such as Branch by stage or to contain other actions such as Action Set that can be collapsed down into a single action high-level view.

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Configure the Join items in collection action

In the Designer page: 

  1. Open the action in the configuration panel. For more information, see Add, rename, and copy actions.

  2. In the Collection field, specify the collection that contains the items you want to join.
  3. Specify the Delimiter to separate the values.
  4. Specify a variable to store the output of the action in the Result field.