Use the Workflows page to manage workflowsA method of streamlining manual and paper-based processes often comprised of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content.. You can:

  • Open, share, export, import, or delete workflows.
  • Find URLs and snippets.
  • Manually start and pause workflows.
  • Note: While workflows are paused, events are ignored. That is, a paused workflow does not run, even if the configured workflow start event occurs.

The Workflows page lists your workflows and those shared with you. Users with the Administrator role can see all workflows across the tenancy. For published Component workflowsA workflow that can be started from outside the tenancy; the workflow uses the "Component workflow" start event., this page also makes available the associated OpenAPI Specification (OAS)A standard, language-agnostic description of RESTful APIs that can be read by both humans and machines. Formerly known as Swagger. and REST URLs for calling the workflows from outside the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenancy.

View the Workflows page

Do one of the following: 

  • On the upper right of the dashboard (to the left of your user name), click Dashboard.

  • If you are already on Dashboard but on a different page, click Workflows on the left menu.

Create a workflow

On the upper left of the dashboard, click Create workflow. The designer canvas appears where you can begin creating a workflow.

Edit a workflow

Do one of the following:

  • On the Workflows page, click the name of the workflow you want.
  • On the right of the workflow you want, click and then select Edit from the context menu.

Assign workflow owner permissions

Workflow owners can assign workflow permissions and access workflows and associated workflow tasks and instances.

Note: Users with the Administrator role also have the same workflow permissions as workflow owners.

Assign workflow permissions to define which users can access workflows and provide workflow permissions to other users.

  1. On the Workflows page, on the right of the workflow you want, click .
  2. Select Permissions from the context menu.
  3. From the Workflow permissions window that appears, do any of the following:
    • To assign all users with the Owners permissions:
      1. Click in the Owners field. A dropdown menu appears listing the users in the tenancy.
      2. Click Everyone.
    • To assign individual users with the Owner permissions:
      1. Click in or type the names of users in the Owners field. A drop-down menu appears to show users related to your search query.
      2. Select the users you want to assign owner workflow permissions to.
  4. After you make changes, click Ok.

Export and import workflows

Find URLs and snippets

You can find URLs for Component workflowsA workflow that can be started from outside the tenancy; the workflow uses the "Component workflow" start event. and formsA set of fields that accept user input.. You can also find snippets for forms.

Manually start, pause, and unpause workflows