Merge collections

Use the Merge collections action A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. to copy items from multiple collections and combine them into one object. The Merge collections action is useful when you want to create a new table of data from different collections. You can then use the output from the Merge collection action when repeating data in the Generate document action.

Before you begin: 

  • Understand Variables

  • Understand container actions: Actions that can be added to create branches such as Branch by stage or to contain other actions such as Action Set that can be collapsed down into a single action high-level view.

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Configure the Merge collections action


If you use the output of a Merge Collections action as the input of another Merge Collections action, be careful not to create an infinite loop between the actions. For more information, see Best practices when designing workflows.

In the Designer page: 

  1. Open the action in the configuration panel. For more information, see Add, rename, and copy actions.

  2. In the Collection fields, specify the collections you want to merge.
  3. Note: 

    • You can merge a minimum of two collections in any order and a maximum of 10 collections.

    • To add more collections, click Add collection.

  4. If you insert a simple collection, specify the Data type and Property name of the collection.
  5. Specify the Output.