Data variables

Allow or deny form submissions for forms with data variables and allow or deny recalculation of data variables in draft forms.




Form submission using data source variables

Prevent form submission until all variables from data sources are resolved.

A toggle for allowing or denying form submissions when form controls have errors, timeouts, or unresolved data variables.

  • Yes: Enable the toggle if you want the user to resolve any data variables in the form controls before the form can be submitted.

  • No: Disable the toggle if you want to allow form submissions regardless of the status of the data variables. The toggle is disabled, by default.

Form submission is not affected if data variables are used in a rule that does not set the value of a form control.

Data variable recalculation Recalculate data variables for draft forms

A toggle for recalculating data variables, which ensures the latest updates from the external data source are available when opening a draft form. For example, if a row is deleted or a new entry is added to a SharePoint list being used as an external data source for data variables, the data will be updated in the data variable in the draft form.

  • Yes: Enable the toggle to recalculate data variables and fetch the latest data to the draft forms.

  • No: Disable the toggle to deny recalculation of data variables and retain the existing data in the draft forms.

Important: The recalculation may result in the loss of existing filled data, requiring the user to enter it again.

To reload the fields associated with data source variables when you preview the form, click on Reload in the error message. This allows you to refresh the data source variables without making changes to the form.