Nintex RPA release notes

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Nintex RPA Central 2.8.0 and Nintex Bot 17.8.0: April 26, 2022

Nintex RPA Central 2.8.0 new feature and enhancements

New Feature

  • You can now more easily use the Nintex RPA Central API to manage bots, botflows, users, and other related functions in Nintex RPA Central. For complete documentation on how to use the Nintex RPA Central API, including updated OpenAPI Specification v3 contracts, a sample Postman collection, and a list of featured actions and endpoints, go to the Nintex RPA Central API help topic.


  • Improved error handling and information error logging in SignalR messages.

  • You are now able to use a range of VPN IP addresses. Previously, you could use multiple VPN IP addresses, but not a range of them. For more information, read about how to configure a range of VPN IP addresses.

  • The Instances page now includes pagination to decrease page load times and to make viewing long lists of instances easier. The page now only loads a subset of the latest instances and includes automatic paging. As you scroll, more instances are returned. You can control the page size (the default is 50) by editing the SharedServiceSettings file located at /Program Files (x86)\Nintex\RPACentral\RPACentral.

Nintex Bot 17.8.0 new features, improvements, resolved issues, and known issues

Note: If you are in the banking industry and use Fiserv, you are most likely moving from Internet Explorer-based automations to Google Chrome or custom applications. We have made some enhancements for you to be more successful with both, and particularly with Navigator. Upgrade today!

New Features

  • You can now use the new Open Chrome action to start Google Chrome.

  • You can now use the new Open Edge action to start Microsoft Edge.

  • You can now convert the following browser actions into new actions for a different browser. The converted actions are saved as new tasks. Before executing converted actions, be sure to test them! For more information on converting all browser actions at once, go to Convert Browser Actions. For more information on converting individual browser actions, go to Task.

    • Internet Explorer actions into Google Chrome actions. The converted actions are named using the following naming convention: [TaskName]_Chrome

    • Internet Explorer actions into Microsoft Edge. The converted actions are named using the following naming convention: [TaskName]_Edge

    • Google Chrome actions into Microsoft Edge actions. The converted actions are named using the following naming convention: [TaskName]_Edge

    • Microsoft Edge actions into Google Chrome actions. The converted actions are named using the following naming convention: [TaskName]_Chrome

  • If an Open Data action is inside of a Before Task, you can now choose to run all records or run the action once when it is executed.


  • The Send Credential action is now supported for emulators.

  • Targeting Nintex Workflow Cloud forms and executing actions against Nintex Workflow Cloud form elements has been optimized. Be sure to upgrade to Nintex RPA Chrome Extension to take advantage of this improvement.

  • You can execute Before/After Tasks in botflows without datasets that are run from Nintex RPA Central.

  • Nintex Bot includes upgraded email functionality with the latest MailKit libraries, so sending and receiving email, as well as parsing your inbox, should be more reliable now.

  • There is a new ParseJSON function in Nintex Bot, making it easier to work with objects returned from REST calls.

Resolved issues

  • The Save Button variable is now set in the Prompt action.

  • Email accounts now correctly include the display name.

Known issues

  • If you start two or more botflows from Nintex RPA Central or Nintex Workflow Cloud on the same Nintex Bot and then you close the Nintex Bot after the first botflow has finished running, but before the second queued botflow has started, the second queued botflow will remain unresponsive in a queued state. Currently, to resolve this issue, you must terminate the botflow that remains in a queued state.

  • Boxing may not work correctly in Google Chrome when targeting the Print dialog with UIA on Windows Server 2019. We recommend upgrading to Windows Server 2022, as it has performed very well in our internal tests and does not exhibit this issue. Windows Server 2022 also provides you with improved performance and speed.

Download files


The following MSI packages are provided for your convenience.


You may want to use MSI packages if:

  • You need to distribute the Nintex Bot or Nintex RPA Unlocker installation to individual machines automatically across your organization.

  • Nintex Bot users do not have local full administrator rights for security reasons.

  • You want to use a program like AdminStudio or a mobile distribution manager (MDM) to distribute product installations.

System requirements


  • Nintex RPA Central and Nintex Bot must be installed on a computer that is part of a network domain.

  • Nintex RPA Central requires access to a Nintex URL to verify licensing. Without this access, Nintex RPA Central will not be allowed to run.

  • If a firewall is in place, configure it to allow HTTPS traffic on port 443 to access the following URL:


  • 2.0 gHz processor or higher

  • 4 CPU cores or more

  • 16 GB RAM or higher

  • 500 MB hard drive space or higher

  • 1024x768 display resolution or higher

  • Dual monitors

  • Local administrator rights


  • 1.8 gHz processor

  • 2 CPU cores

  • 3 GB RAM

  • 300 MB hard drive space

  • 1024x768 display resolution

  • Local read, write, execute, delete rights

Supported operating systems

Nintex Bot and Nintex RPA Central only support 64-bit operating systems.

  • Windows 11

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8.1

Supported servers

  • Windows Server 2022

  • Windows Server 2019

  • Windows Server 2016

Supported browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11 (Nintex Bot only)

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

For more information, read about web browser support in Nintex RPA.

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