Nintex Promapp release notes

Release 4.8.7: January 2021

New features

Activity description and edit buttons remain visible when scrolling in a process

  • Activity descriptions stick and remain fixed to the top of the edit screen when you scroll through a process. When you scroll and reach a new activity, the relevant activity description becomes fixed to the top of the edit screen.

  • Process editing buttons (Add Task, Add Note, Add Document and Convert Options) now stick and remain fixed for the activity you are editing.

Nintex Support access expiry

  • Promasters can now set an expiry date for Nintex Support access to your Nintex Promapp site.

Performance improvements and resolved issues

  • The 'Remember Me' option has been removed to improved security. Users must now sign in every time they open Nintex Promapp.

  • Fixed an issue where process groups couldn't be viewed in some circumstances.

  • Fixed the issue of actions not being displayed after the incident is reopened and then closed. Actions are visible to Incident Stakeholders, Portfolio Manager, and Promasters.

  • Improvement loading time for the favourites page and list of favourites on the home page, which is now limited to 100 items.

  • Dashboard email notifications will now not be sent if an email has been sent in the previous 12 hours to prevent users receiving multiple dashboard email notifications.

  • A new filter `Role` is added to the "Process changes not yet viewed (by user)" and "Process changes not yet viewed (by process)" reports . Either `Role` or `Process group` should be selected to view the data.

  • Fixed an issue with a decision pointing to the next activity causing the process map to render incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where processes could not be ‘published now’ when the process is being edited by another user. A change has been implemented to prevent users editing an outdated version of the process that has been updated in the background by a ‘Publish Now’ action.

  • After raising an improvement for a process, the process owner and expert are automatically added as 'editor's for the improvement. Previously the process owner and expert were added as 'viewers'.

  • Fixed an issue where updating users using SCIM updated/removed roles assigned to users in Nintex Promapp.

  • Fixed an issue of email notifications not sending when the incident owner is updated.

  • The pie chart on the governance dashboard and the linked report of unpublished processes has been fixed to make the reported numbers consistent. Previously processes were incorrectly flagged as out of date when they were not in an Active state. The report now shows the full list of unpublished processes. The reported number of unpublished processes that haven’t been updated in the last six months (on the pie chart tooltip) have been updated to account for process edits that are not yet published to be consistent with the report.

  • Fixed an issue of duplicate records displaying on the My Incidents dashboard after sorting.

  • Fixed an issue with reordering fields on an improvement portfolio.

  • Fixed an issue of process groups not being viewable.

Previous releases

Release Notes and Resolved Issues pre 4.5.11