Nintex Promapp release notes

Release 4.8.9: April 2021

New features

  • Viewing permissions under the Admin tab has now been replaced by a simplified way to manage permissions on the Manage Groups page. You can now select users and roles to apply viewing access for process groups. The General permission has been replaced by the All Staff role. Roles and users assigned to top-level groups are inherited by subgroups. Additionally, moving and sorting of groups on the Manage Groups page will now be reflected in the Processes area.

  • To align with the wider Nintex platform, Nintex Promapp now has a new look and feel. We’ve made changes to our fonts, colours, and icons for improved accessibility. The Awesomeness meter, Governance dashboard, Bulletin Board and profile information on the Home page have been replaced by:

    • A link to UserVoice for feature requests and ideas.

    • A link to Nintex Community for questions, solutions, and access to shared knowledge.

    • An occasional prompt for feedback via an NPS question, with the option to provide additional feedback later.

In keeping with the new look, customisable colours for process maps will no longer be available.

  • The Publish Now functionality for promasters and publishers is now also available on the tools menu of a process.

  • Process feedback now opens in a separate panel. This allows you to you scroll through the process and add feedback as you navigate through it. This new functionality replaces the feedback smileys.

  • Star ratings on processes can now be disabled through a configuration setting.

Performance improvements and resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where process approval notifications were not generated when a process was in a certain state.

  • Fixed an issue where the names of custom document type labels were not displayed in search results.

  • Fixed an issue where promasters could not download the legacy viewing permissions report (for users with the new permissions functionality enabled).

  • Fixed an issue where hyphens were not allowed directly before the '@' in email addresses.

  • Fixed an issue where notifications reappear after clicking ‘Seen It’ or ‘Mark all as seen’ in the My Changes dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where users were redirected to the home page after copying a varied process.

  • Fixed an issue where replying to process feedback caused an error.

  • Improved performance of the unpublished/in Progress process list report for large datasets.

  • Fixed an issue where users were not redirected to the Map or Procedure page on clicking Save and Publish after editing a procedure.

  • Improved performance of the My Favourites page and Favourites list on the homepage, which is now limited to 100 items.

  • Fixed an issue where editing the Yes/No options in a decision in MacOS browsers wasn’t working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where users could not see attachments in minimode processes.

  • Fixed an issue where printing from an unauthenticated minimode link wasn't working.

  • Fixed an issue where users could not view a process when the Variations add-on was set to 'Off' and the publish now option was available for the process.

  • Fixed an issue where process names that contained '&' resulted in an error.

Previous releases

Release Notes and Resolved Issues pre 4.5.11