Nintex Promapp release notes

Release 4.9.1: August 2021

Theme improvements

Process icons have been changed to better distinguish them from process group icons.

New process editor - coming soon

We will be releasing a new process editor in September. Performance and functionality improvements in the new editor will include:

  • Deprecation of the functionality to replace process maps with images. Any processes that have this display mode selected will default to Procedure and Map.

  • A more robust undo/redo functionality.

  • Correct icons to differentiate between system and lean tags on the Tags dropdown.

  • Realtime updates between tabs.

  • Faster loading times for group selection and adding triggers, inputs, or outputs.

New feature

Minimode for German viewers

We have localised the labels and controls in minimode links for our German readers. Process content will still need to be written in German, but the buttons, labels, and other controls can now be automatically translated. This setting is off by default and can be enabled in the minimode configuration section.

Note: This feature will only be available for EU customers until September.

Performance improvements and resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where a 'user already exists' error message was incorrectly displayed when creating new users.

  • Fixed an issue where promasters were unable to generate SCIM tokens.

  • Fixed an issue where users could not view details of linked processes on the Map view.

  • Fixed an issue where document and link icons were displayed incorrectly for Training Units and Competencies.

  • Fixed an issue where truncated label text for dropdown menus on the Risks and Improvements registers affected readability.

Previous releases

Release Notes and Resolved Issues pre 4.5.11