Resubmit workflows

Use workflow resubmission on Failed, Completed, and Terminated workflow instances. The workflow is resubmitted with the same start data as the original and a new instance of the workflow is created.

The original instance and the resubmissions are grouped together and shown in a drop-down list in the Instances page with the latest submission at the top.

You can easily see a history of all resubmissions of an instance by expanding this drop-down list or in the Instance history section on the Instance details page.

  • Only Failed, Completed, and Terminated workflow instances can be resubmitted.

  • Any instance that is resubmitted will always run the latest version of the published workflow. This allows a designer to resolve any issues with their workflow and resubmit them.

There are several ways you can resubmit a workflow:

  • Resubmit one or multiple instances from the Instances page. Follow the instructions below to resubmit through the Instances page.

  • Resubmit a single instance from the Instance details page.

  • Business owners of workflows can resubmit an instance of a workflow from the Workflow tracking page in My Nintex.

  • Resubmit a submitted form from My Nintex. This can be from anywhere in My Nintex that gives access to the original form submission, such as from the Dashboard, Form submissions page, or via the Tasks page.


Submission of files when resubmitting workflows is impacted by the File upload storage setting selected at the time the original instance is completed. If the setting selected is:

  • For 7 days after workflow instances complete: If the resubmission is done more than 7 days after the original instance is completed and the file is referenced in the workflow, the workflow will fail because the file has been deleted. If resubmission is done within the 7 after the instance is completed, the workflow runs as expected because the file is still available.

  • Indefinitely: Resubmission is not impacted because the file is stored and available when the workflow is resubmitted.

Resubmit a workflow from the Instances page

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Automate.

  2. On the left, click Instances.

    The instances are displayed. If there are any instances that have been resubmitted, the original instance and resubmitted instances are shown together in a drop-down list.

  3. Click Select to resubmit. Check boxes are enabled to select instances with Failed, Completed, or Terminated status.
  4. Select the check boxes next to the instances that you want to resubmit. You can select multiple instances.
    • The Resubmit button is enabled when at least one instance is selected.

    • When you select instances the number of instances selected is shown in brackets on the Resubmit button.

    • If you select an instance with resubmitted versions, only the latest instance is resubmitted.

    • For form based instances the form is resubmitted on behalf of the original submitter and will be displayed in the original submitters Form submissions list in My Nintex.

    • You can select a maximum of 50 instances.

  5. Click Resubmit.

The resubmission starts and a message is displayed showing the progress of the resubmission. The instance is resubmitted with the same start data. You can continue to work in Nintex Automation Cloud while the resubmission is in progress.

Important: The resubmission fails if you end the session before it's completed.

After the instance is resubmitted a new instance of the workflow starts. The new instance and original instance are grouped and shown in a drop-down with the latest submission at the top. View the Status column to see the progress of the instance. The Status is shown as Starting till the instance starts.