Rich text editor

Several workflow actions available in Nintex for Office 365 gives you access to a rich text editor to edit message content in plain text or rich text formats.

You can use the rich text editor to customize and display formatted text, pictures, hyperlinks and HTML, add numbered lists and add images and links in the message content of a workflow action.

Actions with the rich text editor

HTML tags not supported

Security enhancements have been implemented in the rich text editor to address Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities that can occur and the following HTML tags are no longer supported.

Important:  The removal of these tags will not impact existing running workflows that use these tags. However, if you open the action configuration in an existing workflow that use these tags and save and republish it, the unsupported tags will be removed and the new instance of the workflow will be impacted. Therefore you must update the styles before you save and publish the workflow again.

  • meta
  • applet
  • basefont
  • frame
  • noframes
  • dialog
  • object
  • canvas
  • var
  • svg
  • frameset
  • noscript
  • embed
  • script
  • template
  • head
  • title
  • html
  • body