Build and design processes

A process is a series of steps and decisions required to carry out a specific task accurately.

Process maps help users to identify and understand the process flow as well as important steps. When processes are not mapped, it increases the chance of errors, reduces efficiency and increases cost. Processes are an important part of our everyday life and some examples of common processes are:

  • Creating a sales order

  • Onboarding a new employee

  • Applying for annual leave

  • Leasing a property

Process help topics

Access the Processes tab

  • On the top navigation bar of your Nintex Process Manager site, click Processes. The Processes tab displays the following options for creating, viewing, and managing process information in Nintex Process Manager.
    • All Processes
    • Processes I'm in
    • Processes I own
    • Favourites
    • Archived
    • Recently Viewed
    • New process: The following options are displayed if the settings are enabled, else Create a process will be displayed instead of New process.
      • Suggest a process: Displayed only if the Admin > Configure > Process Editing > Enable Suggested Processes setting is enabled by the Promaster. For more information, see Suggest a process.
      • Create a process: For more information, see Create a process.
      • Embed a process: Displayed only if the Admin > Configure > Minimode > Enable Embedded Processes setting is enabled by Nintex Process Manager support. For more information, see Embed a process.
Note: Nintex Process Manager cannot be used to create:
  • Value Stream Transformation (VST) maps
  • Organisational charts
  • Network diagrams
  • System diagrams
  • Conceptual solution diagrams