Suggest a process

If you want to gather feedback on a process before implementing it, use the Suggest a Process option to send the details for review and approval.

Suggest a process

  1. Click Processes > New process > Suggest a process.
  2. Select a process group from the Suggest a Process: Select Group dialog box.
  3. Type a summary description for the process in the Title field.
  4. Type a detailed description for what the process will help to achieve in the Objective field.
  5. Select the priority.
  6. Click SHOW OPTIONAL FIELDS if you want to add a Suggested Owner and Suggested Expert for the process.
  7. Click Suggest.
  8. In the suggested process details page, click Yes.
  9. Type the details about why the process is required in the text field.
  10. Click Submit Feedback.

The suggested process will be created and can be viewed under the Processes tab on the left pane.

  • All users can view and provide feedback for the suggested process.
  • Any user with permissions for creating a process will be able to create a process from the suggested process. For more information, see Create a process from a suggested process.

Create a process from a suggested process

  1. Click Processes and then click Suggested Process in the left pane.
  2. Click the relevant process and then click Create Process.

The process Edit tab will be displayed and you can create the process. For more information about creating a process, see Create a process.

Import suggested processes

  1. Right-click on a process group and then click Import/Export > Import Suggested Processes.
  2. Click the Excel icon to download the template. Add the process details in the columns and save the file.
  3. In the Import Suggested Processes dialog box, click Choose File and select the file.
  4. Click Import.

The suggested processes will be imported into your Nintex Process Manager site and can be viewed under the Processes tab on the left pane.