Create a process

Processes can be created in several ways, but the simplest is from the Processes button on the main navigation pane.

Before you start 

If you are creating your first process or want to refresh your basics, here's some information to help you get started.

To create a process

  1. Go to Processes > Create a process.
  1. In the New Process: Select Group dialog box, select the process group and then click Select.
  2. In the New Process dialog box, complete the required fields as described in the table below:
Field Description
Title A summary of what the process achieves. Processes are a course of action for your staff. The best process titles start with a verb to emphasise this. Ensure the title is accurate and succinct too; it is what people will see in search results, group overviews, the left navigation pane, reports and anywhere it is referenced.
Reference No.

(Optional) A unique reference number. The references appear before the process title rather than as a separate field, so they can be seen anywhere the process is referenced.

Tip: If the Reference No. field is not available, contact your Promaster (Help > Contact Promaster) to enable the Admin > Site Configuration > Viewing Options > Display process reference numbers setting.

Process Owner A user responsible for ensuring the process is operating effectively, and continuously improving. Not necessarily a subject matter expert, but empowered with organisational authority to approve changes as needed.
Process Expert A user who edits the process and performs day-to-day process management on behalf of the Process Owner. This role requires detailed understanding of the process.

The process objective is a clear description of what the process aims to achieve and when it does or doesn’t apply. Use examples to support your descriptions.

For example: This is the process for reimbursing small payments of less than $20. Most commonly this is for buying coffee refills and milk if it runs out during the day, sometimes other urgent small things, like stamps. Gain approval as per the process before purchasing, and ensure you keep receipts as this needs to be filed. Anything over $20 needs to go through the Staff Expense Claims process.

Background (Optional) The process background is for notes on why the process is needed, context around any special circumstances that affect it or reference to legislation or regulations that might contribute to its necessity. For example: why is the process needed?, reasoning for any special circumstances.
  1. Click Create. The process is created and displayed with the Edit tab selected.

The Map, Procedure, and Edit tabs are displayed as described below. For more information, see Edit a process.

Tip: If you want to import existing processes, see Import a process to get started.

Process tabs

After you create a process, the following tabs are displayed:

  • Edit: Use this tab to add or update process details. For more information, see Edit a process.
  • The tabs described in the table below are displayed based on the Summary > Display Type setting. Use these tabs to view the process details after you create or edit the process.
Display Type Tab(s) displayed Details
Map and procedure (Default)

Map and Procedure

Displays a process map and procedure view. For more information, see Map tab or Procedure tab.

After you create or edit the process, use this tab to view the process map or procedure text.

Procedure only Procedure

Displays only the Procedure view. You can use this display type to capture information that would be useful to know but doesn’t belong to a particular process. Roles are not displayed on the procedure view for this mode.

For more information, see Procedure tab.

Policy Policy Identical to Procedure only display type, however references to 'procedure' are replaced with 'policy'. Use this display type to make it clear to users when they are looking at a policy rather than a procedure to be followed. Roles will not appear on the procedure view for this mode.
Image and procedure

Map and Procedure

The process map can be replaced with an image.