Embed a process

If you have multiple Nintex Process Manager sites and want to re-use common processes, you can embed the process using an embeddable process link without the need to duplicate and maintain multiple processes.

The embedded process is similar to any other process, except that it can only be updated from the Nintex Process Manager site where it was created. When you make changes to an embedded process in a Nintex Process Manager site, the changes are automatically updated in any Nintex Process Manager sites where the process is embedded.

For processes embedded in other Nintex Process Manager sites, you can:

  • Add feedback
  • Display in the left-hand navigation menu of a group
  • Display in the process list report
  • Search
  • Include in a custom group overview

Embedded process links can only be used in another Nintex Process Manager site. To share a process externally, you can use Minimode A permalink to a Nintex Promapp process or document which allows anonymous users to access processes, documents or process groups. links. See Configure Minimode Links.

Before you start 

Share an embeddable process link

You can share an embeddable process link with the designated process owner for the other Nintex Process Manager site where the process needs to be embedded.

  1. Navigate to the process and click the share share link drop-down list.
  1. Click Share embeddable process link.
  2. Copy the link displayed in the Share embeddable Process Link dialog box.
  3. Click Close.

Share the link with the process owner via email.

Embed a process

  1. To embed a process:
    • Click Processes > New process > Embed a process.
    • or

    • Right-click on a process group > New Process > Embed a Process.
    • or

    • Click on the cog wheel of a process group > New Process > Embed a Process.
  2. Paste the embeddable process link from a different Nintex Process Manager site in the Embed Process Link dialog box.
  3. Click Load to validate the link and display some basic process information.
  4. Click Embed.

The process is embedded and displays in the list prefixed with this icon: .

Embed a process

Delete an embedded process link

  1. Click Processes. The process list is displayed.
  2. In the left pane, locate and right-click on the embedded process, and then click Remove.

The embedded process link is deleted.