Nintex Workflow Generator

You can integrate Nintex Automation Cloud A cloud-based platform where you can design workflows to automate simple to complex processes using drag-and-drop interactions, without writing any code. with Nintex Process Manager and request process automation directly from the process map in Nintex Process Manager.

For example: consider a common workplace process like employee on-boarding. Here's how you can use Nintex Process Manager and Nintex Automation Cloud for process mapping and workflow automation to ensure a smooth on-boarding experience. Click on the process map below for details.

Before you start 

Connect to a Nintex Automation Cloud tenant

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configure > Integration.
  2. Type your Nintex Automation Cloud tenant name in the Tenant Name field.

Caution: You must type only the tenant name in the Nintex Automation Cloud tenant URL. For example: If your Nintex Automation Cloud tenant URL is:, you must type safalo-realty in the field.

  1. Click Next. The Nintex Automation Cloud login window is displayed.
  2. Note: Ensure the user you connect to Nintex Automation Cloud with has the Administrator, Designer and/or Developer roles. See the Nintex Automation Cloud User management help page.

  3. Type your Nintex Automation Cloud credentials and authenticate.

On successful authentication the connected tenant and authorized integration user details are displayed in Nintex Process Manager.

Request workflow automation

Note: Only Promasters A Nintex Promapp system administrator who administers a Nintex Promapp site and has rights to view and edit all areas of a Nintex Promapp site. and Automation Specialists An Automation Specialist is an IT / Technology Implementer/ Partner stakeholder who manages the relationship between the Process Expert and the Workflow Designer. Automation Specialists can associate workflows with processes, in addition to having Process Editor rights to the group they have been assigned to. can request automation. You can request automation only for published processes.

  1. Navigate to the process you want to request automation.
  2. Click REQUEST AUTOMATION. The Request automation in Nintex Automation Cloud dialog box is displayed.

    Note: This dialog box can take some time to load as the text for all tasks is analyzed and mapped to the corresponding Nintex Automation Cloud actions.

  3. Select the start event from the Workflow start event drop-down list. This is the event which triggers the automation. The list of start events displayed is based on the connectors enabled in the connected Nintex Automation Cloud tenant. See the Nintex Automation Cloud Design a workflow help page.

Caution: You cannot change the start event after creating the workflow.

  1. Expand the Workflow mapping options to verify if the tasks are mapped to the correct actions.
    • The tasks in the process are analyzed by a language processor to match keywords and phrases with available Nintex Automation Cloud actions. See the Nintex Automation Cloud Workflow actions help page.

    • Tasks which are not mapped to an action are marked as No Action - Manual Task. If the task can be automated you can click the drop-down list and select or search for an action.

  2. Once you have confirmed all the mapping details, click Create.

The workflow automation request is sent to Nintex Automation Cloud.

What happens after I request automation?

The Automation Specialist will collaborate with the Workflow Designer in Nintex Automation Cloud to create and publish the workflow.

What happens after the requested automation is published in Nintex Automation Cloud?

  • Once the workflow is published in Nintex Automation Cloud, an email confirming the workflow publish is sent to the Automation Specialist in Nintex Process Manager.

  • The process status in Nintex Process Manager is updated to Awaiting Automation Confirmation.
  • All tasks that were marked as automated when initially requesting automation are then labeled as AUTOMATED in Orange color.

  • Any automated start forms and workflow links are added to the process.
  • The Automation Specialist or Process Editor should verify the process in Nintex Process Manager to confirm all tasks and activities are correctly labeled and publish the process.

Note: See Automation Journey for an example of how to connect and request automation in Nintex Automation Cloud.