Nintex Process Manager Add-ons

Use the Nintex Process Manager Add-ons to enable more features for effective process management including risk and compliance, improvements, and training requirements for your organisation.

Enterprise Edition required. If this feature is not available in your Nintex Process Manager site, you must upgrade the license. See the Nintex Process Management Pricing page for more details.

Risk and Compliance Add-on

Risk and Compliance Management

The Risk and Compliance Add-on enables incorporating risk and compliance requirements directly within business processes and makes risk management more effective and efficient.

Improvements Add-on

Improvement Management

The Improvements Add-on brings the process of reporting an incident or suggesting an improvement into the everyday experience of users, and opens it up to be available to everyone.

Onboarding and Training Add-on

Integrated Training Management

The Training Add-on integrates quick, efficient training record management to facilitate continuous learning. By synchronizing training with processes, there is significantly less risk of misalignment, knowledge gaps and wasted time.