Risk and Compliance Management

Risk management Manage and protect organizations from risks that could lead to non-compliance. and compliance Follow a set of rules and regulations to protect organizations from risks. help maintain stability and integrity in organisations. With the Risk and Compliance Add-on in Nintex Process Manager, you can easily enforce compliance and risk requirements in everyday operations by integrating them into your process maps. The importance of carrying out processes The business process that holds a series of activities and tasks that turn a given set of inputs into outputs. This can be visualized in several ways, including a map, model, or written procedure document, and collectively a process comprises all the activities, tasks, inputs, outputs, triggers, and related assets. is reinforced by highlighting the risk involved. You can capture critical security information immediately and update risk and compliance records automatically.


You have a process Close off and prepare month end accounts in your Nintex Process Manager site that includes an activity with a potential risk which has an impact on the organisation finance calculations and profits.

The following image displays how you can easily link treatments The processes, policies, or actions added to risk items to reduce the likelihood and negative impact of the risk occurring. for risk mitigation in the process to ensure that risks are identified and mitigated in a timely manner.

risk linked to process

The following images display how you can easily view the linked risk and treatment details in the process map.

risk linked to process

risk details in process