Improvement Management

The Nintex Process Manager Improvements Add-on addresses or advances organizational improvements. It makes it easy to manage the lifecycle of improvement suggestions and projects, product defects and quality issues, customer complaints, non-conformance incidents, and logging and tracking internal audit findings.

The Nintex Process Manager Improvements Add-on enables users to report incidents Term used in the Nintex Promapp help documentation for Improvements Add-on items. A Promaster can update this term from the Admin > Improvements > Other Configurations > Default improvement item label setting. For example: An unplanned interruption, reduction in quality, process improvements or customer complaint. such as Health and Safety incidents, Non-conformances, Improvement projects, and Customer complaints. Incidents are then assigned and can be tracked to resolution. The Improvements Add-on also includes an interactive workflow that engages relevant stakeholders as incidents are reported, investigated, actioned and resolved. For more information, see Improvements Add-on workflow.

Note: The term incident is used in the Nintex Process Manager help documentation for Improvements Add-on The Improvements Add-on enables you to report and manage incidents. items. In your Nintex Process Manager site, a Promaster A Nintex Promapp system administrator who administers a Nintex Promapp site and has rights to view and edit all areas of a Nintex Promapp site. can update this term from the Admin > Improvements > Other Configurations > Default improvement item label setting. Improvement Portfolio Managers can update this term only for their portfolios.

  • Log and investigate staff improvement suggestions.

  • Capture health and safety incidents.
  • Record customer complaints and compliments.
  • Log and investigate non-conformance incidents.
  • Log product defects and quality issues.
  • Track internal audit findings.

Benefits of using the Improvements Add-on

  • Centralization

Provides a centralized location for incidents to be reported and resolved or process improvements to be submitted and considered.

  • Accountability

Operational areas are defined in a series of Improvement Portfolios, each with a defined manager who delegates or assigns employees or roles to each stage of the improvement lifecycle.

  • Clear system

Relevant employees are engaged through an inbuilt workflow that tasks them to review, submit more information, and take the required action.

  • Trackable

Outcomes are captured in an Incident Register which is a core part of the product. You can also use the Reporting API to query the data you have stored in your Nintex Process Manager site. It provides you with the opportunity to build custom queries for the available data and offers full flexibility in generating reports for your specific business needs. For more information, see Reporting API.

  • Transparent and visible

Reported incidents and improvements will often highlight areas where process changes are needed to assure optimized delivery of the process to customers.