In-tenant and external actions

The workflow actions in Nintex for Office 365 can be classified as In-tenant actions or External actions, by the location in which they execute.

The following table lists actions by execution type.

Action In-tenant External
Action Set  
Add item to collection  
Add Time to Date  
Amazon workflow actions  
App Step  
Assign a task (with in-tenant configuration)  
Assign a task (with external configuration)  
Bing workflow actions  
Box workflow actions  
Build Dictionary  
Build String  
Call HTTP Web Service  
Check if item exists in collection  
Check in item  
Check out item  
Clear collection  
Conditional Branch  
Convert Value  
Copy document  
Count Items in a Dictionary  
Count items in collection  
Create list item  
Delete item  
Discard check out item  
Do calculation  
Document Generation  
DocuSign workflow actions  
Dropbox workflow actions  
Exchange Online workflow actions  
Execute SQL  
Extract Substring from End of String  
Extract Substring from Index of String  
Extract Substring from Start of String  
Extract Substring of String from Index with Length  
Find Interval Between Dates  
Find Substring in String  
For Each  
Get an Item from a Dictionary  
Get item from collection  
Google workflow actions  
Join items in collection  
Log to History List  
Loop N Times  
Loop with Condition  
Mailchimp workflow actions  
Microsoft Azure workflow actions  
Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow actions  
Microsoft Teams actions  
Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign  
Office 365 workflow actions  
OneDrive workflow actions  
Parallel Block  

Pause for Duration(without business hour calculation)

Pause for Duration (with business hour calculation)  
Pause until Date  
Query List  
Query XML  
Rackspace workflow actions  
Regular Expression  
Remove duplicates from collection  
Remove item from collection  
Remove Last Item from Collection  
Remove value from collection  
Replace Substring in String  
Run if  
Salesforce workflow actions  
Send an email (with internal email configuration)  
Send an email (with external email configuration)  
Set workflow variable  
Set field in current item  
Set next state  
Set Time Portion of Date/Time Field  
Set Workflow Status  
Sort items in collection  
Start a task process (with internal configuration)  
Start a task process (with external configuration)  
Start workflow  
Start workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud  
State machine  
StrikeIron workflow actions  
Terminate Current Workflow  
Terminate Workflow Instances  
Translate Document  
Trim String  
Twitter workflow actions  
Update List Item  
Update XML  
Wait for event in list item  
Wait for field change in current item  
Web Request  
WordPress new blog post  
Yammer workflow actions  
Azure Active Directory workflow actions