Document Generation

Note: This is an external action and may execute on servers running outside your data center Centralized locations used to house servers used by Nintex for remote storage, processing, or distribution of data. Nintex has a number of regional data centers available for Nintex for Office 365. For information about Nintex data centers and where your data center is located, contact your Nintex account or territory manager. region. Before implementing, consider performance and regional concerns where digital boundaries are an issue. For more information, see In-tenant and external actions.

Use the Document Generation action A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. to automate document generation and generate one or more documents using selected templates, table data and images. Use the Nintex Document Tagger to select tags that you can insert into your templates A document where data from your workflow is inputted to be transcribed when the document generation process is initiated..

You can create documents using SharePoint lists and libraries with the use of document templates. Select from existing templates in a document library or create new templates in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The Generate document creates one or more documents per your configuration:

  • A single PDF file.
  • Separate PDF files.
  • Same file type as the template: .docx, .pptx, or.xlsx.

You can even configure the Document Generation action to create image tags and then insert those image tags into the templates used for outputting your documents.

Note: If your Nintex tenant resides in our European data center, then documents generated via the Document Generation action remain within the European region.

Before you start 

Document Generation Error

If you receive this error, "Workflow for O365 Document Generation Suspended with InternalError," see if the Column names in your list contain underscores, and remove them.

Important: The underscores in the Column names can cause errors in your Document Generation action, therefore using underscores must be avoided when naming columns.