Dictionary variables

A Dictionary variable is a variable that contains a group of name-value pairs. It can hold a collection of other variables and multiple data types can be contained in a single dictionary variable.

Dictionary variables are useful when you want to store more than just one type of data in a variable. For example, you might need to save a name, address, and start date of an employee in a variable. These are all different data types and using a dictionary variable allows you to store all these in a single variable.

For more information about dictionary variables, see Understanding Dictionary actions in SharePoint Designer 2013.

Create a dictionary variable

You can create a dictionary variable from the Action configuration window when you are configuring a workflow action or from the toolbar of the Designer page.

From the Designer toolbar:

  1. On the toolbar of the Designer page, click Variables. The Variables dialog box appears.
  2. Click New and fill in the following:
    1. For Name, type the variable name you want to use.
    2. Select Dictionary as the Type.
    • If you want to specify the variable as a start variable, select the Initiation check box .
    1. Click Save.

During action configuration:

  1. In the Action configuration window, click in a field that accepts dictionary variables.
  2. Do one of the following depending on the method available;
    • On the drop-down list that appears, Click Create New Variable.
    • On the Insert Reference pane that appears, expand the Workflow Variables section and click Create New Variable.
  3. Do the following in the Workflow Variables pane to create the variable:
    1. For Name, type the variable name you want to use.
    2. Select Dictionary as the Type.
    1. Click Create.