Nintex Document Tagger

Use Nintex Document Tagger to add tags Strings of text that let you specify where in a generated document a variable value should be placed. When a document is generated, the tags are replaced with the value of the variable. to templates for generating documents.

Nintex Document Tagger fields by section:

Section Field or column Description
Workflow Reference Data Variables Variables in the workflow. For more information, Variables
Images Image tags specified in the Document Generation action for the indicated table.
Workflow Context Lookup values specific to the workflow, the context of the item, and the current task within the workflow.
Item Properties Metadata columns for the item with which the workflow is associated.
Tables (specified table name) Table tags specified in the Document Generation action.
(specified table name) > Table Start Tags Start tags for the indicated table tags. Each start tag signals the beginning of a table. Only one start tag for each table. For more information, see Add tags to document templates.
(specified table name) > Table Column Tags Column tags for the indicated table tags. Each table column tag corresponds to a collection variable (and potentially the internal name of the column within that variable).