Generate document

Use the Generate document action A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. to generate template-based documents that include variables and images from your workflow.

The Generate document action retrieves placeholder-tagged templates from file variables A variable representing a single file. that you select, and creates one or more finished documents based on your configuration: 

  • A single PDF file.
  • Separate PDF files.
  • Same file type as the template: Word Document (*.docx), .pptx, or .xlsx.

You can even configure the Generate document action to create image tags and then insert those image tags into the templates used for outputting your documents.

You can also use the Generate document action to create a dynamic content in your document template and repeat rows, tables, or sections of data from a collection variable.

  • The Generate Document action does not support Rich Text. This includes any variables and Rich Text fields created in a Start form. Rich Text data is displayed as plain text in the output of the Generate Document action.

  • The Generate Document action does not support Strict Open XML Document (*.docx) file types. If you have a template saved as Strict Open XML Document (*.docx), the Generate Document action will fail. Word Documents are the only supported .docx file type.