Loop step

Use the Loop step to perform a looping action in a workflow. For example, you can create a dynamic reference that returns a list of items from a data source, and then loop through items in a collection and perform one or more steps for each item in the collection. The Loop step is designed to use References to retrieve each item's values from the SmartObject when it starts each loop. When there are no more items in the reference, the loop completes.

You can use the Loop step in scenarios such as:

To help protect your K2 environment from runaway workflow instances, administrators can set Workflow Step Instances Threshold policies that will force workflows to go into an Error state if too many instances of a step occurred in a specified amount of time. See the Settings topic for more information about setting these policies.

Drag the Loop step from the Logic category, Favorites bar, or the Recent category onto the canvas.

Example of a Loop step in a workflow
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