How to create a custom action

This topic provides the steps for creating your own custom action using the Nintex Workflow SDK.

For an overview of the BasicAction sample and the parts required by Nintex Workflow to enable a custom action, see Working with the BasicAction custom action.

Steps to Create a Custom Action

No. Step Description


Design the functionality of your custom action

You can design the functionality of your custom action as a console application. This allows you to isolate the input parameters required by action and the corresponding output. If you isolate your functionality in a class, you can add the class to your Nintex Workflow Custom Action projected created with the SDK templates.


Set up the custom action project

With a development environment and functionality, you can wrap your functionality in the code that is necessary to make your action available in the Nintex Workflow designer. You can create an action by setting up the custom action project.


Code the custom action


With a set up project, you can add your input and output parameters, and add your functional code to the execute method in the activity class, and build out the assets used to register and configure your action.


Install your solution


Now that your code is set up to deliver your activity function to Nintex Workflow, you deploy your solution and then install the activity with the Nintex Workflow Manager.


Create a workflow to test the action


You can then open the Workflow designer, create a workflow. Your custom action appears in the group you defined in the NWA file. You can add and configure the action in your workflow.

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