Create a custom action

This section describes how to build a custom control using the Nintex Workflow SDK.

In Nintex Workflow, a workflow action represents the combination of a SharePoint workflow activity and a Nintex Workflow workflow action adapter. Configuration pages, included with the workflow action adapter, provide an interface with which a user can configure the workflow action. The workflow action adapter is associated with the corresponding workflow activity by metadata, stored in the Nintex configuration database.

This section will use a C# SharePoint project code sample called BasicAction that performs a REST call to the Merriam Webster Dictionary API to define a word. The code sample is meant to illustrate two things:

  1. How to wrap your functionality in the code that is necessary to add it to the Nintex Workflow where someone can configure and add the action to their own workflow.
  2. How you can integrate a RESTful service into the Nintex Workflow in order to use your web services within in the Nintex Workflow context.

For guidance on the structure of the custom action solution and the BasicAction code sample, see Working with the BasicAction custom action.

For step-by-step instruction on creating your own custom solution, see How to create a custom action.

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