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This topic walks through creating a custom action with a code sample for Nintex Workflow. This walk through uses a custom action solution in the code sample of the Nintex Workflow SDK. Load the custom solution in your SharePoint 2013 development environment, point the solution to your SharePoint Server, and then build and deploy. Visual Studio will automatically deploy and active your SharePoint solution. With a built solution, open SharePoint Central Administration, import the (.nwa) file created in your solution, and then verify that the custom action is available to your workflow.

Note: You will need to have an established SharePoint 2013 development environment with Visual Studio installed. For system requirements and dependenices, see Set up a Nintex Platform Development Environment.

To create a custom action:

Import the Custom Action into Nintex Workflow

With a deployed custom action, you can import the (.nwa) file into Nintex Workflow. With a successful import, open a workflow and verify that the custom action is available in the Workflow designer.

To create and deploy a custom action in Nintex Workflow 2013

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration on your development server, and then click Manage allowed actions under Nintex Workflow Management.

  2. Click Add a custom action.

    Click Import workflow action, and then click Browse... to navigate to the (.nwa) file in your Visual Studio solution Studio in your solution. In the sample, the file is named EventLogAction.nwa.

  3. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator on your SharePoint development server, and type IISReset your to reset internet services.
  4. Open the SharePoint site as a user with the site permissions to design a Nintex Workflow.
  5. Open a list. Click LIST in the ribbon, and then select Create a Workflow in Nintex Workflow under Workflow Settings.
  6. Select Blank and click Create.
  7. Find the Event Log custom action under the Customs Actions group.

Reset Internet Information Services (IIS)

Run the IISreset command to implement the changes.

To reset IIS

  1. Start a command prompt as an administrator.

    For instructions, see the following TechNet article:

  2. Type the following command:


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