Nintex Analytics release notes

Latest release: 6.0

Release date: February 22, 2021

New feature

Instance usage widget: Rate of change

The Instance usage widget provides a quick comparison between previous and current instance data trends to support workflow optimization. Based on the time period you select, you can see a comparison with a previous period of the same duration. You can either select a preset time period, such as 30 days, or enter a custom time period. The comparison will indicate a percentage increase or decrease between the two periods for the following data:

  • Total instances

  • Successful instance runs

  • Instances in progress

For example, on February 22, you select a date range for the past 30 days; you will see a comparison of instances initiated for the past 30 days (January 22 to February 22) and the previous 30 days (December 22 to January 22).

In upcoming releases, we will add a trend line for the entire period to show a fuller picture of the instance trends.

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