Nintex Analytics release notes

Latest release: 7.0

Release date: April 07, 2021

New features

Workflows: Tasks in the workflow widget

The new Tasks in the workflow widget shows visualizations and a table for task actions in your organization's workflows.

For each task-based action in a workflow, a bar chart displays:

  • The number of active tasks.

  • The average duration of tasks.

Below the bar chart the task-based action details for the workflow are listed in a table. You can click on the task-based action label and a drill-down bar/line chart displays:

  • The total number of responses for each outcome for the action.

  • The average duration of each outcome for the action. Dot points in the line chart highlight the minimum, average and maximum duration of each outcome for the action.

See the Workflows help topic.

Data connection completeness

We're focusing on driving data connection completeness so you have a full view of your Nintex platform data. Nintex Analytics provides you with the information you need to know which data connections associated with your Nintex subscription have not yet been added.

At the top of the Data connections page, separate sections display information of how many possible connections have been established for each of the Nintex data connection types associated with your customer account.

See the Data connections help topic.

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