Platform split

The Platform split widgetComponent of the Nintex Analytics Dashboard interface, which displays information for specified data on your Nintex plaform. shows the count and percentage split of all workflows across your Nintex platform for the capabilities you have created data connectionsMethod of connecting with Nintex platform capabilities e.g. a Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant that Nintex Analytics displays data for in your dashboard. for in Nintex Analytics.

Export the Platform split widget data as a CSV file

You can export the data shown in widgets as a CSV file.

  1. Click in top-right corner of the widget.
  2. Click Export CSV.

Interpret and action Platform split widget data

Let's understand the data the Platform split widget displays and how you can action it to further utilize your Nintex subscription.

Example: Migrate workflows from SharePoint to SharePoint Online

Let's say your organization is retiring SharePoint on-premises and wants to move to SharePoint Online. Take a look at the data displayed in this Platform split widget to help you analyze and figure out the required migration steps:


The Platform split displays details for the following Nintex platform capabilities:

  • Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  • Nintex for Office 365: added as a SharePoint Online data connection.
  • Nintex for SharePoint: added as a SharePoint data connection.


Identify the number of workflows

Looking at the image, you can see that there are 12 SharePoint workflows in your Nintex platform.


View and analyze workflow details

  • To find more details and analyze the workflows to figure out the best approach for migration, click Workflows sorted by data connection type.

The Workflows page displays. You can view and analyze additional details for the SharePoint workflows you want to migrate to SharePoint Online. For more information, see Workflows.


Migrate workflows from SharePoint to SharePoint Online

For more information and best practices about migrating SharePoint workflows to SharePoint Online, see Best practices for migrating SharePoint on-premise workflows.