Nintex Analytics help documentation

Nintex Analytics is where you can gain insight to your Nintex platform subscription data. You can view your Nintex platform data straight out of the box, and the access deep-dive pages where you can export your data at the click of a button.

This help documentation will help you understand your Nintex platform data, and more importantly how you can act on that data to better utilize your Nintex platform and fully automate your business processes.

Workspace Home

Access your Nintex Analytics workspaces


Access all the data for your Nintex platform.


Administer your Nintex Analytics workspaces.


Access data using OData client tools and create custom reports.

Nintex Analytics quick start guide

Use our quick start guide to begin viewing your Nintex platform data in Nintex Analytics.

Step 1: Activate Nintex Analytics

Step 2: Access Nintex Analytics

Step 3: Add data connections

Step 4: Add users to Nintex Analytics

Step 5: View your Nintex platform data