K2 for SharePoint App Registration and Activation

Do not use the K2 for SharePoint app from the App store, use the app that corresponds to your version of K2.

To use the K2 for SharePoint app in your environment, you need to do the following:

  1. Deploy the app to your SharePoint app catalog.
  2. Run the registration wizard in the app catalog.
  3. Deploy the app to your site collections using the Manage App Deployments page in SharePoint.
  4. Activate the app on your site collections using the Manage App Activations page.

If your SharePoint farm installation is distributed, you must run AppDeployment.exe on a SharePoint Application server that includes the Central Administration server or at least the SharePoint Management Shell. Keep in mind that you must install K2 for SharePoint on each app catalog and match its version to the version of your K2 server. The best way to do this is to copy the K2 for SharePoint Application Deployment.exe self-extracting file from your K2 installation source to your SharePoint server and then run it. You can delete these files once you’ve completed the K2 for SharePoint installation (also called AppDeployment).

For information on managing the K2 for SharePoint settings for a site collection, see the K2 Five User guide.

See the Adding the App to Multiple App Catalogs and Add the App to Multiple K2 Servers topics in the K2 Five User Guide for more information.