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Home Page

The Home Page is the landing page when you log in to your Nintex Promapp site. The Home Page is the hub of your activities in Nintex Promapp. It allows you to easily access different areas of the application, and provides quick reference information about your Nintex Promapp site.

On this page:

Video: Home Page overview

For a quick overview of the Home Page, see the Help video.

Main navigation bar

The main navigation bar is displayed at the top on all screens and has the following tabs. Click image to view details.

Processes Documents Automation Systems My Dashboard Search

The Risks, Improvements, and Training Add-on tabs are displayed only if your organisation has access and you have been assigned the required permissions.

Above the navigation bar you can quickly access your profile, log out of Nintex Promapp, or adjust administration and configuration settings if you have access. There is also an easy-to-find Help menu here.

Profile settings

From the Home Page you can check your Nintex Promapp profile overview. There is the opportunity to provide feedback on your Nintex Promapp experience, modify settings and review your level of engagement through the Awesome Meter. Click image to view details.

Admin settings

The Admin drop-down list is available on the top right-hand corner and provides access to configuration settings for your Nintex Promapp site. For more information, see Administration.

Recent processes and dashboard summary

The Home Page allows you to search for the processes you want, or find recently viewed processes and documents. The Dashboard summary highlights items that require attention. For more information, see Dashboard.

Bulletin board

Use the Bulletin board to make an announcement, share an improvement success, or post a tip. Bulletin Board messages are visible to all Nintex Promapp users in your organisation. They can be used to share in-house information or success stories with your wider team. Anyone can add messages, but only PromastersA Nintex Promapp system administrator who administers a Nintex Promapp site and has rights to view and edit all areas of a Nintex Promapp site. can remove posts by others. Click image to view details.

Bulletin Board messages can contain internet and intranet links, and can be formatted with basic text styles. To add links to a Bulletin Board message, use the following formatting guides:

Governance dashboard

The Governance Dashboard section is a summary of those with overall responsibility for process improvement in your organisation, and the current state of your processes. Business Analysts and Promasters can access reports from this section for more detail on these statistics. For more information, see Governance dashboard.