K2 Product Releases and Build Numbers

This article lists K2 product releases, the release dates and build numbers per release, as well as links to the release notes for each release.

For each K2 release, there is an associated build number. These numbers can be seen in the installer, in the download from Nintex Customer Central, as well as in the Add/Remove programs item.

Note: In a distributed environment, all K2 components installed on the various machines in the environment must be on the same release version. For more information, please see KB000426. For instructions on determining what version of K2 is installed, please see KB001893.

K2 Cloud
Release Build Number Release Notes Release Date
K2 Cloud (Update 18) 5.1018.1000.x What's New in K2 Cloud Update 18 October 2022

K2 Five
Release Build Number Release Notes Release Date
K2 Five (5.6) 5.0007.1000.x K2 5.6 Release notes August 2022
K2 Five (5.5) 5.0006.1000.x K2 5.5 Release notes July 2021
K2 Five (5.4) 5.0005.1000.x KB003510 June 2020
K2 Five (5.3) 5.0004.1000.x KB002966 May 2019
K2 Five (5.2) 5.0003.1000.x KB002606 October 2018
K2 Five (5.1) 5.0002.1000.x KB002301 April 2018
K2 Five (5.0) 5.0001.1000.x KB002044 November 2017

K2 blackpearl and K2 smartforms
Release Build Number Release Notes Release Date
4.7 4.16060.2000.x K2 4.7 Release Notes September 2016

K2 connect
Release Build Number Release Notes Release Date
5.3 for SAP 5.0006.1000.x K2 connect for SAP release notes May 2022
5.2 for SAP 5.0005.1000.x KB003509 September 2020
5.1 for SAP 5.002.1000.x KB002597 September 2018
5.0 for SAP 5.001.1000.x KB002086 November 2017
4.7.3 for SAP 4.10060.910.x KB002590 September 2018
4.7.2 for SAP 4.10060.900.x KB002085 November 2017
4.7.1 for SAP 4.10060.890.x KB000890 January 2017
4.7 for SAP 4.10060.880.0 KB000880 September 2016